Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread - Proverbs 30:8

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Black and White Wednesday

I'm reading the book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown right now. In the first few pages he states that an essentialist will pare down their life to only the essentials, and that by doing so you are living a life by design, not  by default.

That simple phrase has been at the front of my mind since the words first entered my mind.

It's true, isn't it? If we don't design our lives, we'll default to living out whatever comes our way.

In just the few days since I began reading the book, I've been able to eliminate some things that were not contributing to the life I'm trying to lead right now. If I pour myself into everything, I won't do anything well or to the greatest extent I could. But if I pour myself into one thing, I'll get there faster and better and more fully.

Less but better. That's another phrase that keeps coming up.

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  1. Less is more is one of my favorite mantras.

  2. Love these images! Just beautiful! Yes, it is good to get rid of clutter. However, I don't think I can be an essentialist... I love colllecting but I do not get too attached as I constantly 'recycle' things... In the last year I have really gotten rid of a lot of 'stuff' and I try to do it constantly.

  3. First, love the images. And second, I might need this book. This less is more needs to be my mantra. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. That last shot!! I'm with you on the less is more mantra. It's so easy to fill our lives with stuff and programs that keep us frayed and harried.

  5. Jill, don't you just love the way B&W images capture the imagination? It makes the cold feel colder and gray skies grayer. Good job!

  6. I just put that book on request at my library. Thanks for the recommendation!

  7. I have to add that book to my library -- that's exactly what I've been trying to get to, but I didn't know what to call it. I am busy these days, but I specifically choose activities that I felt necessary and that fit my life. Things that I felt "called" to do, and not what maybe people just expected me to do. It's been amazing; now when I am busy I don't get so stressed because I usually have the bigger picture in mind.
    Lovely shots.

  8. love the sweet gum balls and the steeple