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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Macro Goodness

taking a moment to find joy in the little things

I love macro photography.... especially with my phone and macro lens attachment. However, I have a macro lens for my dslr and I'm determined to use it more this year. I took it on a walk with me around my yard and neighborhood looking for things to capture....

While on the same walk my daughter and I spotted this Red-breasted Sapsucker. He stuck around long enough for me to switch my lenses and get a few shots. 

Also making me really happy....the first camellias in the neighborhood are blooming!!  

Clearly my kids have too much free time (and perhaps need more homework). They created a balloon person and they made a parachute so it could fly from the second level to the first of our home. 

The kitchen counter demolition has begun...
things are going to get really messy and then really pretty next week!


  1. love your macros! and that little bird! and those lovely camellias! maybe their activity was of more value than homework...

  2. The balloon person is too funny! Good luck with the kitchen!

  3. Great shots, as always. I so enjoy seeing your photos.
    Thank you for sharing at

  4. The balloon lady floating down to the first floor looks like an great engineering success!! Hee hee! Your photo of the pink bud is fascinating! And the sap sucker is just a happy fellow.

  5. I like your daughter's creativity! Tell her from me she's an inventor!

  6. Love your macros! I just sold my 60mm macro lens since I rarely used it, but I do love seeing the work of others in the macro world.

  7. The balloon activity seems like a good project for school. ;)
    Your photos are amazing.

  8. Beautiful photos - you are my dream inspiration on wanting to learn more about my camera. Now to make that dream a reality! Happy new counter tops to you : )

  9. Who can resist that stairwell? Things must be floated down from it! Thanks for joining!

  10. I love a macro shot too! These are great! Good luck on the counter redo.

  11. Your photography is beautiful. I've taken a lot of macro photos in the past. I really should get back to it.