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Monday, November 16, 2015

Good, Random, Fun ~ Week 46

the GOOD
I love capturing the beauty that surrounds us everyday...
I feel like every year I get a little more observant and aware of the details. 

I love how this green leaf looks like it's been dipped in red paint, and how theses gorgeous leaves are peeking through the fence from my neighbor's yard. I love how the veins of the "note" leaf are green and how many details there are in leaves you you look up close. Proof to me that there is a Creator.

As fall continues to fall, the trees reveal the beauty of their form through their branches.
Forest treasures include ferns, moss, mushrooms and water droplets.
Beauty and fun found in my backyard and neighborhood.

the FUN
Last Monday we took the day off school and work and spent the day hiking at the coast. 

more good, random, fun...
my 10 year old daughter has opened an Etsy store to sell some of her original work. Currently there are seven watercolors for sale - $5 each which include shipping. If you are interested, you can visit her store HERE.

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  1. Wow! I love that she's doing that!!! The picture on the beach with the clouds is amazing :)

  2. Wow, stunning and perfect captures of mushroom, leave pattern, water drops, and beach pics:)

  3. Oh what fabulous leaf shots, beautiful #lttl

  4. An Etsy shop for your daughter, how super fun!! Your life really does look dreamy... of course I know we all place bits and pieces for others to see. But still, I like the its and pieces you share here.