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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Another Week Gone By...

taking a moment to find joy in the little things


We were driving through the Columbia River gorge last week, and decided to take the scenic highway home - the one that goes right past several major waterfalls. They were gorgeous as always.


This girl, our youngest, turned 9 and we had a great day celebrating her!

She wanted a rainbow theme and I was thankful my garden cooperated for this flower display.

This was totally staged, but doesn't he look cute up there?

Our church building is done! It's been a long time coming, but we have our occupancy permits and the grand opening has been set for November 1st. The land was first purchased 12 years ago and they broke ground 6 years ago. It's a gorgeous facility with so many opportunities for the community to use - a full gymnasium with a track, a special wedding room for brides, a library and bookstore, a coffee shop/cafe, a wedding garden and more. Our prayer, though, is that we as the church, will show Christ's love to all who enter - that people will encounter God here.


  1. Beautiful as always! God bless the ministry in your beautiful new building!

  2. Love your rainbows! What a fun idea. Your pictures make me want to visit the Northwest so much!

  3. I love every picture! Especially the frog and those balloons and the sweet sisters. Congratulations on the church!! That must be so exciting!

  4. What a fun rainbow birthday!! How exciting to get a new church building. My synagogue is about to embark on a huge remodel to make the space fit the community's needs!

  5. Wonderful photos as always.
    So glad you come to join us at

  6. These are so sweet and I just love all the frogs that is it you!

  7. *frogs that visit you...dumb autocorrect!