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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Garden Goodness

taking a moment to find joy in the little things

My yard and garden is far from spectacular or what I dream of having, and yet it's a place I've created over the past 5 years of living here and it brings me so much joy. I love trying new things (I rearrange the garden like some rearrange furniture in their house) and I love checking on the daily progress of what's growing. 

Today's photos all come from my back yard this past week...

getting this photo made me giddy!!!

I got these two photos (same hummingbird, different head angle) while I was writing this post! If I look of the window and see a hummingbird, I grab the camera and head out...usually I leave the camera settings  mostly set up so all I have to do is start shooting.

So far I'm only harvesting lettuce and raspberries, but I'm so happy to see zucchini and tomatoes growing. (also cucumbers. carrots and green beans!) And my herbs are fabulous...

I just love this arch my husband built for me for mother's day...
love, love, love!

Some of our backyard visitors are peskier than others....I saw this guy and decided to photograph him. 

As I headed outside, I noticed this cat perched on the fence - Never seen him up there like that and it was a beautiful moment. 

Isn't it amazing how much the light changes when you take a step or two in a different direction?

Back to find that squirrel...

FROGS....we have so many frogs! I wish I could get a photo that shows you just how many there are, but I can't. They seem to congregate in one area of the garden and when you walk over there, the bushes and plants just start hopping with frogs. They are very timid and will hop away at the first chance they get. I love to find them hiding in the flowers. I think you'll get the idea from the following pics that I snapped in one visit out to the garden.

another photo capture that made me giddy!

do you see the bit of green right in the center under the petal - it's another frog!


  1. What an amazing garden you have! It must be so relaxing there!

  2. The frogs inside the yellow flower is so truly wonderful!! One could think that perhaps they might be talking to one another and the visiting bug. They have so much personality for creatures so small. Thanks for showing that smaller world and its wonders.

  3. I love your photos - great work!
    Thank you for sharing at

  4. I love a beautiful garden but don't love gardening. I wish I did! I love the arch your husband built you. And all those little frogs, amazing!

  5. I love lupins so that first shot had me sold - but then those frogs just sitting there in those flowers - fabulous :) #LTTL

  6. Oh my how lucky you are to get such a grand photo of the hummingbird. Wow!!!

  7. Love all your photos, especially the hummingbirds and the frogs. We have hundreds of tiny toads hopping around our yard as well (though not nearly such a variety as you!), and at our last house I attempted many times to get a good shot of our hummingbirds, but without your success. Beautiful!

  8. The frogs you your flowers!!!....are my new favorite thing! And I can't wait to play with the hummers and my camera at my mother in laws!

  9. I want to come visit your garden. So many awesome shots here. The hummingbirds and the frogs just made me smile so much. Awesome shots!

  10. Taking photos is great 'therapy' for me, too. I can understand the giddiness of your terrific shots!

  11. The hummingbird capture is a beauty and that photo with the frogs and the grasshopper is amazing. Your pictures could easily grace a magazine cover! Thanks for the peek into your lovely garden space.

  12. Your garden is beautiful! I'm jealous of your Lupine! I have the pixie variety in one of my flower beds but they look like a tangled mess. I much prefer your stately upright ones!