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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How We Homeschool ~ Morning Time (part 2)

After reading a chapter or two from our current read aloud, we turn our attention to our Bible reading. Right now, during this season of Lent, we are following a plan of reading through the four gospels. I absolutely love reading the Word of God out loud - I love how it makes you slow down and I notice things I don't otherwise notice when I'm reading to myself. I love the questions that are asked and the conversations that are sparked. I think when we are done with the four gospels we'll just keep on going through the New Testament.

Usually to mark this as a special time - set apart from everything else we do - I light a candle. Right now we are using our gorgeous cradle to cross wreath to count down the days to Easter and it's the perfect visual reminder to center ourselves.

After our Bible reading we pray and then begin the "work" part of our school day. I'll talk about that next week!


  1. How nice to start your day so calmly and devoting time to the Bible. I love that at my school the kids pray first, they can transition in, join together in prayer (about 45 minutes or spirit!) and then we learn!

  2. A perfect way to start the day. I am ashamed to say we have strayed from reading our bible, We used to always make it our morning ritual as well. I really should get back into it.

    Hugs, Linda
    My Happy Place

  3. My heart is full of JOY and I praise God for my daughter, who loves the LORD and teaches my beautiful granddaughters The Word Of GOD What Joy you bring me Jill!!!