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Monday, March 16, 2015

Good, Random, Fun ~ Week 10

the GOOD
I was given a #5h20shotchallenge on instagram...5 pics of water. I chose to use my macro lens to capture water droplets on flowers and really loved the challenge. These are all flowers growing already in my garden.

magnolia blooms, a cool road, forsythia blooms
my lenten wreath, blooming trees, daffodils and books
more trees blooming, stages of a daffodil, blue skies

the FUN
Still working on building a rainbow this month. I'm excited about how this will look when all the pictures are collected in calendar form. Here are my color entries so far.

here is what my rainbow looks like so far...

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  1. Love this!! SO colorful!! The macros are simply amazing!

  2. So many wonderful, colorful photos. All Stunning. We have two types of magnolia blooms here-these pink ones and then there are the white ones that bloom late spring/ summer.

  3. Gorgeous! What macro lens do you have?

    1. For all these I used my iphone 5 with an olloclip - sometimes I use the 10x macro and other times I use the 15x macro.

  4. Such color!! I'm enjoying your rainbow building and in awe of your droplets!!

  5. These are all so perfectly spring!