Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread - Proverbs 30:8

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Happy December

taking a moment to find joy in the little things


it's all about the bokeh....

So fun to share adventures with  my family. 

Lately my older daughter has been reading the Mistmantle series to her sister. She lures her into story time by making hot chocolate and inviting her to get comfortable and cozy on the couch. I believe strongly in the value of sharing stories and this warms my heart to see these sisters sharing stories without my initiation.

Advent...some new resources and our beautiful wreath.

My house is in such disarray right now. We put our tree up, but no ornaments. And I've gotten a few decorations (new plants, candles), but haven't arranged or decorated anything. I just keep setting them down. I really, really, really want something Christ-centered to hang above my mantel but I've been drawing a blank. I don't want to buy anything that I'll have to store. Last year I made a wreath from grape vines. But then threw it out after Christmas so I wouldn't have to store it. My dream would be to have some old wood I could paint on..."O Come Emmanuel...." 


  1. You might like a project we did one year. Find a simple Madonna and Child picture. Trace the outline making extra wide lines. Cut the tracing from black construction paper. Fill the spaces with colored tissue paper. Instant "stained window". We repeated this process using butterfly pictures in the spring.

  2. thank you for taking us into your world today. Each and every part of your post was beautiful and spoke to me in some way. I loved the scene of your 2 girls sharing a book together. So precious. And the beautiful wreath candle holder. I haven't started decorating for Christmas yet. I haven't the heart for it yet.....maybe I will find it this weekend. Have a lovely lead up to Christmas. I am joining you over at Communal Global.

  3. Gorgeous - your photos always are. They uplift and make me smile.
    Thanks for sharing at

  4. LOVE the bokah Christmas light.... so pretty indeed


  5. Beautiful photos. Reading about the time your girls spend reading all cozy with hot chocolate warms my heart.

  6. I do like the beauty of simple things, all the little details that speak of their creator's fingerprints. Love the girls sharing a story. Hope you find that perfect touch for your mantle.

  7. I love your advent candle holder! That's gorgeous!