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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Garden in July

taking a moment to find joy in the little things

Lets' take a walk around my garden, shall we? I find so much joy in creating a little haven and oasis in my back yard. And there's nothing quite like growing your own food to eat. My garden is small, but it's just the right size for me to keep up with and enjoy.

{pretty and happy}
This is my view when I look out my kitchen window. This box started as an herb garden, and there are still herbs in there, but slowly I've added flowers because I needed to look out at color.  My herbs tend to take over so I cut them way back just so I can see the pretty flowers. 

I'm the kind of gardener who is always out pruning and cutting back what has already bloomed. I find that by doing so, I'm making room for new growth and more blooms. Several of my plants are on their second round of blooming this this lupine. 

I managed to winter this pot of plants in my garage. It doesn't have a lot of blooms, but it sure is growing well. I'm amazed it's still here from last summer.

This is one of my favorites...just ready to bloom.

I love planting seeds from the previous year's crop. I got these marigold seeds from a neighbor and it makes me so, so happy to see them growing so well. All from tiny seeds!

I rarely buy any plants for full price. Almost my entire garden is from clearance racks. These marigolds were almost dead and they are blooming quite nicely this year.

This plum tree is across the fence in the "swamp" area, but a few branches hang over and we can easily pick them. Aren't they pretty?

This is my happy place to sit and read in the afternoon/evening. There is a rather large rhododendron bush in front that makes this area a little more secretive and secluded.

just a few more...

{funny and real}
I never quite know what I'll find when I go outside. This is a hermit crab play ground (obviously). 

This actually looks decent in this photo, but in real life this plant is pathetic. It was so beautiful when I bought it and I've been so nice to it...watering it, feeding it, talking to it. But when you look closely you see that it's FULL of aphids. It used to be hanging outside the kitchen window but I can't stand to look at it anymore. I also can't stand to throw it out so it's sitting on the ground. 


  1. So lush and gorgeous! I love lupines - have you read the story "Miss. Rumpheus?" Great story about lupines!

    1. Yes I have read that story and loved it. The lupines grow wild here in the forest and I always love seeing them.

  2. your garden is fabulous. we decided not to really plant a garden since we will be selling this house sooner rather than later, so we are going with a self maintained yard. But, one day!! You might try spraying your hanging plant with water and just a tidbit of dish soap. Sometimes it will kill the aphids, but it won't kill the plant. Do not over do it though. :-D

  3. May I come sit on your porch? Those flowers are lovely and would easily de-stress anyone who could sit and rock away the afternoon!

  4. What a lot of gardening you have going on! I would spend a lot of time just sitting and watching the flowers growing and blowing in the breeze.