Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread - Proverbs 30:8

Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday ~ Push

giving my brain a workout today
writing this post in phrases of 
six words using the theme push
sharing five random thoughts with you

1. almost skipped this one ~ too hard!
but then I pushed that thought 
right out of my mind and
pushed and pulled my way through

2. everyday new bulbs push their way
up through the ground announcing spring.
soon their blooms will push open...
in fact, a few already have

3. I need to push certain thoughts away...
our upcoming trip is not an 
interruption to our school year, but 
rather the opportunity of a lifetime

4. a loose tooth is finally out!
push and pull, twist and turn
it seemed to be hanging on
longer than necessary, but no more.
all she wants for Easter is
her two front teeth (and candy)

5. pushing myself and my limits, through 
sacrifice and fasting during this lent.

Only by your power can we 
push back our enemies: only in 
your name can we trample foes.
Psalm 44:5


  1. You nailed this! So glad you pushed through - cause it's great. I really love the different uses of the same word...I always try and choose a word that has many facets - this made my morning!

    1. I'm glad I pushed through, too. It's a very rewarding process.

  2. What a beautiful toothless smile!

    1. I think so, too! She keeps asking if she looks goofy but I keep telling her she's never looked cuter!

  3. Well done!
    So agree, a beautiful smile!

  4. oh how wonderful to have flowers pushing up! We will be there soon...not yet though

  5. Hi Jill, I'm glad you liked my offering of Push Ca'. I must say, for someone who almost skipped PUSH, you came up with five good ones -and a Psalm to boot!
    I'm new to your blog, but I see you are a minimalist and a Christ follower. Me, too. Lent is my favorite time of year. There is a beautiful weightiness to it -offloading mental, spiritual, physical excess so we can carry each other, huh?
    Pax Tecum, Maureen

    1. Welcome - thank you so much for introducing yourself and pointing out our similarities! I always enjoy meeting fellow minimalists who are driven by their commitment to Christ.

  6. Very clever use of the word push. Enjoy your trip!

  7. Very creative! I enjoyed reading all your versions of the word "push".

    Being a newcomer to Six Word Fridays, I am looking forward to participating!

    1. I'm fairly new to Six Word Fridays, too. I think this was my 4th week. I was already enjoying the Random 5 link-up and decided to try to combine the two. It's not easy, but I like the challenge.

  8. you pushed through this well and quite cleverly i might add. such pretty images....and a fun one too!!

    1. Thank you! It all seemed to come together once I got started.

  9. Well done.

    I'm glad to see spring peeking out.

  10. Ah Jill, I almost didn't try this one. I guess Spring pushed me into it!! Love your take on it. Good luck with your opportunity of a lifetime - enjoy it.

  11. Excellent thoughts, verse, and awesome pictures!!

  12. #3 definitely the trip of a life time and very educational too!