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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Pine Cone Garland and a Nature Exchange

I'm joining Lou at littlegreenshed and sharing my pine cone garland for this week's nature in the home link up.  Over the past few months I've been collecting pine cones on our walks and hikes. It's been fun to look for different varieties and sizes. I ended up with a nice collection and was able to make two garlands for my front windows. I personally think it's the perfect touch.

The other exciting pieces of nature in our home this week came to us in the form of a nature exchange. I read about this idea from Rebecca at Renaissance. I knew my girls would enjoy doing this and so we asked our cousins on the other side of the country if they'd be interested. You can see what we sent them HERE.

We sent our goodies and yesterday we received the goodies they sent us. We were all very excited to open each one and see what it was. We were very impressed with the selection they sent us. My personal favorites are the monarch wing and the chinese lantern.

So fun! I hope they are up to doing another exchange in the spring. It's a fun way to experience science.

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  1. Oh good! You make them look so pretty! Glad you got them and hopefully, we can do it again!