Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread - Proverbs 30:8

Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy December....Happy Advent

Over the long, holiday weekend we wrapped up Thanksgiving, put away the fall decorations, got new carpet, cleaned and decluttered a lot.

We set up our tree and began decorating for Christmas. I love how excited the girls get when they unwrap the Christmas ornaments and pull decorations out of the storage container.

I'm trying to decorate with nature this year and have had fun collecting broken pine branches and pine cones. One thing I have noticed is how quickly I feel overwhelmed at decorations. I had to stop yesterday because it was feeling like too much. I'm sure I'll add touches here and there, as I create things, but needed to step back and enjoy the simplicity of what we have put out so far.

I love this time of year....candles, lights, and time to prepare our hearts for the coming of Christ.

Here's to a beautiful month. Don't stop giving thanks just because Thanksgiving is over. Look for JOY each and every day, and give thanks to the Giver of all good things.


  1. I've had to tell myself the same thing-slow down. I tend to want it all done at once. But, I don't want my girls to have bad memories of Christmas. Of just rushing. Of decorations and presents. I want them to remember that we celebrated the birth of a very special baby.

  2. We haven't brought out all of our decorations this year, and we had a family meeting to decide what 'additional' family activities we want to do this month. I keep hearing phrases like 'present, not perfect', 'create white space on your calendar', and 'enjoy the moment'. Definitely trying to keep things simple this year :)