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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Early December - {p,h,f,r}

taking a moment to capture contentment and joy in every day life

We went for a lovely hike this past weekend. 

I've also been enjoying the She Reads Truth advent study and have taken to writing out passages of scripture or phrases in response to that study. The girls have started joining me which is just lovely.

It's advent time!!

We also got new carpet at the end of last week and it's so soft and clean and soft and beautiful and soft.

I let the girls unwrap all the ornaments and this is what I saw when I looked....

It was fun to hear them as they unwrapped each one.
"Ooooohhhhh....look at this one!" 
"Do you remember this?"
"Mom! Look at this one. It's so pretty."
and on and on and on...

Kay playing the tiny violin ornament like it's a real violin.

My oldest likes to draw...she even draws in the shower. I took a shower last night after her and this is what I saw when it was all steamy and wet....a wolf.

Compassion has a program that allows people to step up and correspond with children who are sponsored, but don't receive letters from their sponsors. Because sponsorship is about more than a monthly financial commitment, it's about relationship, Compassion wants to allow others to step into this role and allow children to be encouraged by other loving individuals. We've had many correspondent children over the years and several of those have turned into actual sponsorships for us. You see, whenever I agree to become a correspondent, I do so with the knowledge that should the financial sponsor pull their sponsorship, I will be given the opportunity to step in financially since I've already established a relationship with the child. 

Well....I got notification last week that two of our correspondent kids have been dropped by their financial sponsor. I would LOVE to just step up and pick up that financial responsibility, but right now every single extra penny is going toward a family mission trip to take place in 2014. 

So....I'm sending out an SOS and asking YOU to consider becoming Veronica and/or Antoni's sponsor. Both kids are from the Dominican Republic and both have birthdays soon.  I can't think of a better birthday present for them than to have them know they have a new sponsor. Veronica will be 10 on December 20th and Antoni will be 11 on January 28th.

Veronica and Antoni ~ both from the Dominican Republic

I am more than happy to continue being the correspondent if you just want to take over the financial part ($38 a month). 

If you are interested, please let me know and I'll get you connected to one or both of these sweet kids. If you have ANY questions, please ask. 

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  1. Your handwriting is so beautiful and I love the new header! Praying that you find sponsors for those two precious children!