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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Photo Treasure Hunt

Announcing a new link up for photography lovers.

Every Tuesday we'll be hosting a photo treasure hunt.

By we I mean myself, and Yvonne of Our Little Corner of the World. Yvonne is a fellow blogger, homeschooling mom, Compassion advocate and lover of photography.

Each week we will give you a theme - a color, a shape, an idea - and you will spend the week collecting photos that represent your interpretation of the theme. Then on Tuesdays, you'll post your photos (as many as you want) on your blog and link back to either myself or Yvonne.

Of course you'll want to carve out some time during the week to visit all the participating blogs and see what everyone else has come up with. And leave comments....I don't know a single blogger who doesn't like comments.

Next Tuesday, September 10th, will have our first link-up and the theme is GREEN. So get your camera ready and capture some of the remaining green from summer.

Questions? Feel free to ask in the comments.


  1. I'm really excited about this! So do we start taking photos today and post them on the 10th? Or do we start taking them on the 10th and post them on the following Tuesday?

    1. Start taking them today and post them on the 10th! Have fun!!

  2. Thank you Jill for inviting me along! I am looking forward to seeing everyone's photos :)