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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hello September

September will be seeing some new things around here at Daily Bread and I'm excited!

First of all, it's Compassion's official "blog month". That means I'll be writing more regularly about the ministry of Compassion International and child sponsorship. As a Compassion blogger I"ll be using my voice to share about the need and hopefully inspired some of you to answer the call. I'll be just one of many bloggers who will be speaking up on behalf of little ones all over the world, in an effort to meet the goal of 3,160 children sponsored.

In full disclosure, it's a contest. The blogger who brings in the most sponsorships wins a spot on one of the 2014 blogger trips. I'd love to be that person - we all would. But I love Compassion so much, and the experience of sponsorship is worth sharing with you all even without the incentives.

Also new and exciting is a new link-up I'll be co-hosting with my friend Yvonne. I'll tell you all about it on Tuesday, so be sure to come back!

In the meantime, Happy September and I hope the rest of your weekend is splendid.

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