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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Change is in the Air

I know it's coming....another change of seasons.

And as much as I love autumn, I'm just not ready for it this year. 

I want to hold on to summer a bit longer.

I'm not ready to sleep in and have lazy, unscheduled mornings. 

We had a busy summer. I'm not sure why, because we tried really hard not to schedule too many things.

But it was busy.

And now there is all this talk of "back to school" wherever I turn. 

I realize that as a home educator, I can set my own schedule and we don't have to go back to school next week, but in a way it seems like I should just bit the bullet and follow the flow.

I see the change coming. 

I see it in the trees, smell it in the air and can even feel it falling from the sky 
(in the form of wet stuff, which is really odd for these parts this time of year). 

I often joke with others that we only do school when it rains (which is quite often during the fall, winter and spring months), so even the recent rain we've gotten seems like a sign that I need to teach my little Einsteins something new soon.

But not yet. Not today.

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