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Thursday, June 20, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real} ~ Lots of Water

taking a moment to capture contentment and joy in every day life

I was bombarded with pretty this week. Another beautiful weekend in one of our favorite places ~ surrounded by amazing beauty. Blue skies, white, fluffy clouds, sun, rivers, lakes, mountains, volcanoes and wildflowers.

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Father's Day. My girls have a great dad ~ when I chose to spend my life with this man, I chose well! He's a great husband and dad, and I'm honored and proud to be his wife.

On Monday morning we took a walk around the garden and discovered some baby praying mantis. Our egg sac hatched!

We had gorgeous weather over the weekend - nice enough for an outdoor swim!

My girls trying on heels at Goodwill

I'm not sure what is funnier...the green heels or the purple tights. Too bad the girl wearing the purple tights didn't try on the green heels!


I don't have a photo to go along for real, but life is getting a little busy. It's good busy. Fun things to do in the summer kind of busy. Over the next 9 days, I'll only be home 2 of those. Then I'm home for a week before I take off on another adventure. There will be a lot of packing and unpacking and re-packing. It's a lot to keep straight in my head!

For the first time ever, I'm linking up with Clan Donaldson for Theme Thursday - Water

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  1. Beautiful scenery. Thank you for sharing and letting me glimpse it. My girls try on heels at the store, too! Though I think the green shoes and purple tights might have been a striking combo inspired by your purple and green flowers.

  2. Those photos are gorgeous! And love the pic of dad and the girls :) p.s. you should link up with Clan Donaldson, too...this week's theme is water!

  3. Loved your water pictures. Just beautiful.

  4. The rock formation photos are fantastic!

  5. Your water pictures are gorgeous! (And I'm really loving those green pumps!)