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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

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I received not one, but two additional correspondence kids from Compassion this week. Sadly many, many people who sponsor kids do not or cannot commit to writing letters. Building a relationship with your child through letters is such an important part of sponsorship that Compassion has begun asking for people to step in and take over the correspondence. Recently Compassion announced they needed more correspondents for some of their kids.

I was assigned two boys that attend the same Compassion center in Kenya....

Mwanzia Stephen

Duncan Kitheko Musango

I am eager to learn more about these two young fellows!

Although we are making great progress on our master bathroom remodel, it is still completely nonfunctional. This means we are sharing the other bathroom ~ the ones our girls usually use. This evening when I went into the bathroom I saw this note....

My house is in such disarray right now because of the bathroom project. The bedroom, the other bathroom, the laundry room and the garage....I can't wait to get it done and restore some order to our home. 

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  1. Beautiful flowers! The daffodils are stunning. Yay for helping with correspondence with Compassion.

    Oh how I understand the need to restore order to your home. I am in the midst of getting back to basics myself.

    Have a great week!

  2. Love all your flower pictures!