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Monday, March 25, 2013

Master Bathroom Remodel

Over the weekend we put the finishing touches on our master bath remodel and are officially done! We are so happy with the results. It's not perfect - we aren't professionals, but it's pretty darn good and much better than we ever imagined. 

The process was tough - from beginning to end, not a single thing went as planned or was easy. By the end it was almost funny because we began to expect the unexpected. 

The main reason we began the remodel was to get rid of the carpet and lay down tile. Secretly I dreamed of new tile around the sinks (especially the part right under the mirror), new cupboards, new faucets and a new light fixture. I did not expect such a dramatic transformation, but I got it!

Here's what we started with....

The lovely tile and faucets I wanted to get rid of....

And here's what it looks like now....I'm in love with the color gray!! We tiled the floor (using the same tile we used in the 1/2 bath) and tiled behind the sinks. We kept the original tile around the bath and on top of the counter around the sinks. It's not a perfect match, but it blends. Obviously I painted the walls, trim and the cupboards -what a difference!

My new tile and faucet...

This smaller room with the shower and the toilet is painted very light gray. I didn't want it too dark in there with the dark floor and no windows. I think this is the perfect color.

We added 3 drawer pulls to the drawers which is so nice.

Even the plant got a new pot!

I love how the color of the wall matches the tile. And my blinds were already gray so now they are beautiful instead of an eye-sore.

What do you think? Would you hire us? I think we're totally burnt out on remodeling! Too bad because I have dreams for the other bathroom and the laundry room...not to mention the kitchen!


  1. It looks awesome! So clean and crisp! Great job! I'm thinking I want to do a shade of gray in the kitchen but I'm having a hard time deciding what one.

  2. I love the transformation! You guys did great! Tile is quite an adventure and it turned out beautifully. I love the color and I think the painted cabinets makes a huge difference - so pretty!


  3. Now, we're talking. That is a mightly fine looking bathroom you have carved out for yourself, an evident byproduct of months of contemplation and careful building. There's a craft in building those things and making sure they're alright. Which extends, of course, to the quality and function of the pipes. Thanks for sharing that! All the best!

    Gordon Patton @ Bison Plumbing

  4. Wow! Your bathroom was already very nice and I almost thought I was looking at the "after" pics at first, but your newer pics are even more amazing. You are right, that gray works really well. Everything about it looks well done, and you've certainly re-"master"ed the bathroom. Your home improvement chops are totally top notch. Well done!

    Essie Reed @ Valley Home Improvement