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Thursday, October 11, 2012

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Fall is in the air. And in the gardens. And in the trees.


Having a pretty display at my front door makes me happy. Even though I don't personally use the front door much, I make a point of taking a moment to enjoy the beauty each day.

I got new running shoes. They not only feel great, they are a great, happy color! Today I went for a run while my two girls biked. It worked,  so I no longer have any excuses about not getting time to exercise. It even made me run a little faster since they were biking and I wanted to keep up.

And the happiest news of all is that I have a brand new baby niece ~ born Wednesday morning! She'll probably be 2 years old by the time I meet her....big sigh.


Ever hear of "herbal" window treatments? Well, that's what I have right now as I have bunches of herbs drying. I'm on round three of drying my summer bounty. It smells so fresh and wonderful right now!

I put my oldest daughter in charge of laundry and told her I would pay her according to how much sorting/folding/putting away she did. She wasn't upstairs very long, but insisted that she had sorted the laundry. When I went to look at her progress this is what I saw....
The pile on the left is hers. The pile in the back is kitchen/bathroom. The pile in the middle is mine and hubby's. The pile on the right is sisters. That girl makes me laugh. Maybe I'll give her a quarter for adding humor to my day.

my baby  - MY BABY - is turning 6 this week. How can this be?

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  1. I wish she could come and do my sorting!!!! She could help me with my storage room. I want to get rid of half! When can she come? I will pay her and her helper too

  2. Wow--you've got stunning photos of the leaves and flowers!