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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Special Kids

Ever since my trip to Mexico 3 months ago, God has put it on my heart to pray for all the special needs kids around the world who have physical and mental disabilities ~ especially those living in countries where access to therapy and other resources is limited.

As I was browsing through the profiles of kids waiting to be sponsored I saw Kevin....
I have to admit....his name caught my attention first. I have a pretty special Kevin in my life - my husband - so I stopped to check Kevin out a bit more. I saw a little pink hand in the corner of his photo and wasn't sure what it meant. It is actually the symbol that indicates special needs. 

Immediately I began to think of the kids I met in Mexico at the orphanage. The beautiful, wonderful, energetic boys I played soccer with. The precious, appreciative, smiling kids I played my violin for. The fun, laughing, carefree boys I swam in the ocean with.

Kids who need love and acceptance and opportunities.

So I ran a search for all the kids with special needs who are waiting for sponsors. I was hoping to only find a couple, but instead I found 25

Some of them, like Comfort in Ghana, have more than one thing stacked against them.
Not only is Comfort living in extreme poverty....

Not only does Comfort have special needs....

Comfort also lives in an area that is highly affected by AIDS.

And then there is sweet Aziz in Burkina Faso.

In addition to living in extreme poverty, having special needs, living in an area that is highly affected by AIDS, Aziz also lives in an area with a higher risk of exploitation and abuse. Aziz needs a sponsor.

So now that you know, what are you going to do about it?

I have to be honest with you....I've never considered sponsoring a special-needs child through Compassion. Depending on the disability, you may not develop a wonderful relationship with your child, but I'm sure God will use the relationship to bless you both in ways that are beyond your imagination.

To see all the children with special needs who are waiting for a sponsor, simply click HERE.

If you sponsor one of these children, please let me know. I have a small gift I would love to send you.


  1. We are totally meant to be friends :)

  2. I am now sponsoring Comfort, because of your link. Thank you. No gift necessary- please! :)

    1. Oh Tacy - THANK YOU!!!!! I pray this journey will bless you in ways you cannot imagine.