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Friday, April 27, 2012

Shopping Second Hand

I have shopped second hand stores over the years for various reasons and have had both good and bad experiences. There was a time when I frequented garage sales and thrift stores and came home with arm loads of stuff each time.

After a couple years of this, I noticed that the things I most easily parted with were things I had purchased impulsively at such places.

When I first really began embracing minimalism and got serious about my decluttering, I stopped going into thrift stores and going to garage sales altogether. I just didn't trust myself to say not to something that might be a good deal even if I didn't need it.

Now I've begun shopping second hand again, but this time have a different set of reasons. Here are a just a couple reasons I enjoy shopping second hand.

  • Reuse ~ Buying gently used items is a great way to help protect our environment. 

  • Reduce ~ There is usually much less packaging involved when buying something used. I love that I can reduce the amount of waste by purchasing second hand.

  • Cheaper ~ It's always nice to save a little money here and there. 

  • Greater appreciation ~ When I find something extra special at a thrift store, I tend to appreciate it more than if I had bought it new.

Of course there are certain frustrations as well....

  • Wanting/needing something very specific and not being able to find it.
  • Not having adequate time or energy to really look through everything
  • The overwhelming temptation to buy "good deals" simply because they are good deals.

So for me there must be a balance. It has to make sense for me to participate in the hunt. If I have time, I will check for used items. If I don't need it right away, I will keep checking as time allows. But if I'm in a crunch, I will buy new and not feel guilty about it.

What are your habits when it comes to second hand buying?

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  1. I keep trying to find good things at Salvation Army and Goodwill, but have had no luck...I think I simply don't have enough time to shop there regularly to find those lucky deals. However, I have had some luck finding good deals on quality, gently used clothing on Ebay - which for me is easier - it takes less time, I can sort by brand, size, color, etc.