Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread - Proverbs 30:8

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Thoughts and Actions of a Tired and Easily Distracted Mama

"Mom, can I have a pear?" the oldest daughter asks.

"Sure, just a minute and I'll cut it up for you," her mama replies.

Mama sees that the laundry room light is on and goes to turn it off. She notices that the dryer is still full and takes the opportunity to take the load upstairs.

It's the youngest daughter's bedding, so mama decides to quickly make the bed since bedtime is quickly approaching.

Just as mama begins making the bed, she realizes she hasn't played her violin yet today. She meant to. Better do it right now, before the girls go to bed.

Mama stops making the bed and picks up her violin.

Five minutes later oldest daughter comes bursting through the door, "Mama, you said you would get me a pear!"

Oh yeah.....that.


  1. Story of my life! Except for the violin part....maybe someday I can learn to play:)

  2. Uh Oh!!! I know where you got that from

  3. I'm also guilty of this! Sometimes my daughter asks for something but I just want to get the task at hand done, like when I'm cooking or cleaning and my hands are already dirty...and then I discover something else that needs to be done like folding laundry or picking up the living room...and the next thing I know, my little one is coming back and reminding me that she is hungry/needs to brush her teeth/needs help with her toy. *sigh* You know what they say, a mother's work never ends!