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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Simple Valentine's Day

I didn't put much thought into our Valentine's Day. The minimalist in me doesn't want to decorate or buy things to celebrate, but the homeschooling mom in me wanted to make it a special day ~ different from your average day. 

So I made this heart chain banner the night before and was pleased with how pretty it was.

I also covered our table in white paper and asked my husband to help me write messages of love to the girls.  He went above and beyond my request and helped me make it "school oriented". He created a math puzzle and drew some pictures. I added some Spanish phrases about love and also some Bible verses.

The girls had so much fun adding to this throughout the day ~ writing their own messages of love and drawing pictures. At the end of the day they asked me to keep it on the table at least one more day and even suggested we do this for every holiday.

And of course there were cut out cookies.

And for dinner we had our "red" dinner. I made spaghetti and decorated each plate with a heart noodle.

Fun, Simple and Memorable.

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  1. So cute! I love the heart noodle!!! We kept it simple since I just cooked a nice dinner for us at home, and we shared some sparkling apple cider and some special double-fudge peanut butter brownies that I also made for dessert. It's nice to just relax and spend time with each other as a family!