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Thursday, December 1, 2011

World AIDS Day

I know I've already posted today, but for some reason writing about the fight against AIDS on World AIDS day seems a little more important that reflecting how the month of December can be more simple.

Since this one doesn't show up on my calendar, I was unaware that today was World  AIDS Day until I began reading a few blogs this morning.

AIDS is a huge problem for those living in extreme poverty. I'm not going to give you a bunch of statistics. (they are overwhemling and unbelievable), but I will give you a way to fight.

One of my favorite ministries, Compassion International, works in many countries where AIDS and HIV are rampant. You can read HERE about how Compassion helps in this fight. And you can read more about World AIDS day on their blog.

If you want to do more than read about it, you could sponsor a child who lives in an AIDS-affected area.

Someone like Clementine who lives in Rwanda.
It's very likely that this little girl is the victim of this disease - whether it be a family member who is afflicted or possibly even herself.

If you are interested or have questions, feel free to email me at fiddlejill(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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