Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread - Proverbs 30:8

Friday, October 7, 2011

Wanting More...

Confession time....I want more.

Not more stuff.

More of less.

As much as I have decluttered, I still feel overwhelmed with clutter.

I know it's a journey and we have to go one step at a time, but I feel like with each step I take, I also have to pick something up and put it back in its place.

I'm trying to figure out how to get a handle on it all.

Some of it is my clutter, some of it is not.

Some of it is new clutter, some of it is old.

I'm learning new things every day. Organized clutter is still clutter.Other people's clutter bothers me more than my own. I have more clutter than anyone else in this house.

I want more of less. Why do I keep holding on to so much?


  1. Amen! This is exactly where I am as well. I can't believe how much we've passed along, yet still have. I try to tell myself it's a steady process, but it can be discouraging sometimes when I look around our home.

  2. oh my goodness,girl. i have been feeling the exact same way lately. i'll be praying for BOTH of us with this!

  3. oh my goodness, girl. i have been feeling the exact same way lately. i'll be praying for BOTH of us with this!

  4. Like Anne and Shelby, this is exactly how I feel!

  5. " Organized clutter is still clutter".
    I totally agree with you.
    I am decluttering my home little by little and I am starting to feel lighter already.

  6. I love this! I feel exactly the same way! Wanting to have so much less than what we have now. Unfortunately, I am held back by x, y and z and have been unable to keep downsizing. I sometimes dream of selling it all and moving into a tiny house...although that might not work for my family of 4 :-)

  7. I totally relate to this feeling.

  8. First thought, don't come to my house! Second though, PLEASE come to my house! We are trying really hard to toss and donate as much as we can. Most of the 'stuff' is my stuff. A lot of it is clothing. It's both easier and harder with a baby... easier in that I know I won't have time for some things so it's an easy 'out it goes' but harder because we're bringing in so much stuff and I'm SO guilty of 'needing' more for him. Tips?