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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Third World Symphony

I'm a Shaun Groves' fan.

Never heard of him?

He's a musician - used to tour with Michael W Smith, then cut a few of his own records.

Here's the deal....I've never been a big fan of his music. I bought one of his albums once, but just didn't really connect with it. (sorry Shaun)

So why am I such a fan? Because of his authenticity and integrity. You see, a couple years ago Shaun went on a trip with Compassion and met his sponsored child. This trip changed him. God changed him.

And he came back and changed his life.

He down sized his house, changed his lifestyle and began sponsoring more kids. He also began speaking on behalf of Compassion and his efforts have resulted in many new sponsorships.

Today his new album, Third World Symphony is available on iTunes.

I've had access to this album for a couple months and absolutely love it. It's beautiful. The story behind it is beautiful.

I'm officially a fan of his music. I dare you to listen to it. They lyrics are simple yet profound....there is deep theology found within each song. I'll make it easy for you and all you have to do it click play.... Then, if you like what you hear, support Shaun and his ministry and buy yourself a copy. I'd love to know which songs you like best. Right now I'm loving "I've Got You" and "Enough"..... In fact, I think it's cool that Shaun wrote a theme song for my blog!

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