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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Testing the Waters

When it comes to homeschooling and summer, my original plan was to continue throughout the summer. But then my girls discovered playing outside all day and foiled that plan.

After several weeks of fully enjoying summer, we have a new plan. Starting this week we are getting our feet wet, so to speak.


We are getting back into routine ~ bringing rhythm back to our mornings. So far it’s simple. Mom gets up early for quiet time and exercise. We eat breakfast together, practice violin and then do a school related activity together (reading, math, writing).

My hope is that by next week we’ll add a bit more and be in up to our knees.


...and then by the following week we’ll be in up to our waist.


It seems too soon to completely dive in. Summer arrived late for us, and I certainly don’t want to spend these gorgeous sunny days doing too much school. However, I know that we all function better with a bit of a routine.

By easing our way in, I’m hopeful that resuming school won’t be a big shock to any of us.

In a couple weeks or even a month from now, I’m sure we’ll be swimming in it.


How about you? When change is imminent, do you prefer to ease your way in or dive in?

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