Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread - Proverbs 30:8

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Giving Thanks

The concept of being thankful isn't new to me. I think I have pretty good manners and go out of my way to say "please" and "thank you".

But cultivating a life of gratitude, and taking time daily to give thanks is a fairly new endeavor to me.

A couple years ago I started a blog which I called Thankful. The purpose was to take time each day and reflect on something I was thankful for. It was a good first step for me ~ a place where I could intentionally nurture a sense of gratitude. This past December I felt like I had accomplished what I set out to do and stopped writing on that blog.

Now, instead of blogging, I keep a journal.

This idea was not my own, but rather came from Ann Voskamp, author of One Thousand Gifts.

At the end (or beginning) of each day, I try to take a few moments to reflect on the time passed and write down what I'm thankful for.

I love to see the list growing. I also love the change I'm beginning to see in myself. God has blessed me beyond measure....I want to be sure I'm thankful for all He's entrusted me with.

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. ~ Colossians 3:17
How do you cultivate an attitude of gratitude?


  1. I love keeping a gratitude journal. I have dabbled in different kinds but I find that I try to do three things a night and I write a bit more about each... it ends up being a journal that I can revisit that reminds me of the special little things in my life that I might otherwise forget. I agree, keeping a gratitude journal really helps to change the way that you see things. It has certainly changed me.

  2. I'll show gratitude by saying thank you for finding my blog and letting me know so! Thank your for your interest in me and the kind comment you left this morning. I loved this post; such a coincidence that I chose to share my gratitude list yesterday. Anne's book taught me so much. Your list (and this journal you keep) is an inspiration. So glad to get to find another kindred spirit, Jill! xo