Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread - Proverbs 30:8

Friday, March 25, 2011

Slowing Down

Recently I've noticed a beautiful result of minimalism in my life - the desire and ability to slow down.

I've made a conscious effort to make sure life is not an emergency. I'm trying to ban the words "hurry up" from my vocabulary. Creating physical space in our home has allowed us more space and time in our lives. I know so many minimalists have found this to be true, and I'm thrilled to now have my own testimony concerning this.

Some of the benefits I'm reaping include:
  • reading for lengthy periods of time to my daughters (outside of school time)
  • playing my violin and viola
  • long walks / hikes with my family (with restful stops along the way)
  • time and energy to prepare healthy meals and snacks for my family
  • feeding the ducks in the lake with my girls
  • sharing a glass of wine while looking at old photos with my man
  • time to read and meditate and memorize


  1. And it takes so much less time to keep the house clean!

  2. wonderful reminder that the finer things in life are not things!

  3. This is exactly what I was telling my husband the other day. We wee talking about how much we love the lack of things in our home and how it makes everything so much easier and slower. I told him that one of my goals for our family is to stop rushing around and hurrying so much. I want to eliminate distractions and excess (and self imposed) "obligations" and deadlines so that we can take our time and enjoy ourselves. This may have inspired a blog post for me in the next week or so.

    ps - i have been slipping on the blog reading lately, I'm glad I made time this morning to visit your space and catch up.

  4. Hi Jill,

    This may be my first time commenting here, but we run in the same blog circles ;) I'm curious where the photo for this post is. It looks like a beautiful place!!

    I am only beginning my exploration of minimalism, but I feel like I've been able to create more time in my life, as well. It's remarkable! One way we did this is by eliminating all clocks from our home except for on our phones, and that's made a big change in how we feel about the everyday constraints of time.

  5. you, I live in the Pacific Northwest. This was taken near Mt. St. Helen's on the Silver Star mountain hike we did last June. It's quite possibly the most beautiful hike we've ever done. The views were just spectacular!

  6. Neat! I thought it looked Pacific Northwesternly! I'll have to ask my husband if he knows about that one. We do a lot of hiking, but I rarely remember the names of places ;)