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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kid's Clutter Maitenance

I took a few moments yesterday, to declutter our paper/coloring book drawer. It's amazing to me how stuff seems to multiply on its own in here. I haven't bought paper or coloring books for a long, long time. I guess grandma sends one here and grandma sends one there....before you know it, the drawer is overflowing.




This was a super quick, easy project and the results are great! What quick project can you tackle today?

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  1. Nice job Jill! I've been cruising around the drawers and closets in my house over the past several weeks as I try to declutter things. I have to admit, the drawer I tackled a couple of weekends ago took over an hour to downsize it was so out of control. Yuck!

    Having a paper tub is a really good idea!