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Monday, March 14, 2011

Boot Camp Day 27 Continued (again)

Well, here we are almost a month after first starting this project of minimizing photos. I am not finished, but I've been working off and on and have made some definite progress.

Here is a picture of my photo album collection before I began purging....

and this is where I currently stand....

I threw out 6 of my 8 yearbooks, 3 of my 5 wedding albums and 17 other albums. I think what is most significant to me is that I was able to get all my photos of my life (birth through high school) into one album. I started with some old photographs of my grandparents, then my parents and then pictures of my childhood. Included in that one photo album are pictures from two trips I took to France in high school. It helps that I wasn't a very good photographer, so few pictures were worth keeping. I love that I can sit down with my girls and we can look at photos of my life - and they are all in one book.

My goal is to get all of college and the first 8 years of marriage (pre-children) into the next book. I am so pleased with my progress.


  1. I'm so impressed! This is something I need to do. Question: how are you labeling the photos?

  2. Willow...because I am reusing albums that were previously labeled, I had to buy some large label stickers to cover up previous labels.

    I'm not labeling many of them this time...just putting the year or significant event next to the picture (i.e. senior prom, 1992)

    It's a little frustrating when you find a photo you really want to keep that should have gone towards the beginning of the album. I just found one of my great-grandparents. It's the only picture I have of them.

  3. Wow Jill. That's incredible! Good work to get all that done in a month of off-and-on time. My mom's still working on hers and I'll be putting up a post soon. It's similar to your before and after! The biggest issue we ran into was so many of the albums were 40 years old and the pictures were stuck to the adhesive. We got creative with the freezer/dental floss method and a few I just had to cut out. I have to send her this post so she can get inspired!

  4. This is really inspiring! I have been thinking that photos at my folks' house need to be organized..."but not today" is what I said last weekend haha.