Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread - Proverbs 30:8

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Boot Camp - Day 23


I'm a simple girl who likes to hike. I wear boring clothes with boring shoes, but I still manage to have a healthy jewelry collection. (My mom loves jewelry and is almost my sole supplier!) Being a homeschooling mom, I don't get out much of my jewelry doesn't get worn.

I love having jewelry from other countries and love my magazine bead necklace from Uganda, my necklace from India and the funky, colorful necklace I bought in Peru.

I have minimized my collection so many times, but this time I was ready for something more extreme.

Here is my jewelry set-up...(I don't have a dresser so this is in my closet)

I also have a hanging jewelry organizer. Both sides have pockets and only two years ago, both sides were filled with jewelry. Now it's only one side.

Let's take a closer look into that tray - definitely some clutter in there. The green box is full of buttons!


I was able to get rid of 19 pair of earrings (I kept 9), 4 bracelets (I kept 3) and 2 necklaces (I kept a lot). I eliminated the need for the hanging organizer and will try keeping everything in this tray.


  1. Jill, This is great! I've been trying to figure out how to store my necklaces. I only own a few but they're constantly tangled up in the drawer or box. Any ideas?

  2. Willow...I've been using that belt hanger for several years now. I love that it keeps my necklaces "hung" which keeps them from getting tangled and they are ready to wear. It also helps me see them so I remember I have them! I didn't show it in my after picture, because it pretty much looks the same, but I still have it up.

  3. Gorgeous Jill! Hey, you cut your earring collection by 50%! And the tray looks great.

    Willow, I've tried about a billion storage things in the past for jewelry. Now it's so simplified I can keep my necklaces in my jewelry box spaced out enough that they don't tangle. In the past, hanging them was definitely the best solution.

    At that time I had a tall standing jewelry box that had about a dozen necklace hooks in it (I doubled up some). For tangling, hanging is the best thing I've found.


  4. Thanks, Jill and Tanya. I've been thinking about how to hang the necklaces...hooks, duh!