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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Home Improvements

It's been a while since I posted here, but I've been busy with some home improvements. While Kevin was away this week and my mom was here, I was inspired to get some things done. I decided that having no decorations hung on my walls was just too bare. What's the point of storing them in the garage?

My mom loves to decorate, so I had her help me. I wanted to keep things simple, so I didn't hang much...just enough to warm up our home.

First I painted our bathroom....


It's hard to tell the color from this picture, but it's the color of coffee with cream. I really like it. (When we moved into this house, we hired someone to paint the majority of the house. After buying and painting 4 houses in the past 10 years, it was worth the money to have someone else do it. Plus, this house has some really high areas that would have been hard to reach! But to save a little money, we didn't have the two upstairs bathrooms painted. I also wasn't sure what colors I would want, so we waited).

Next, I spruced up our bedroom a bit...I've been wanting a new bedspread ever since our dog, Newton, died over a year ago. He used to sleep on our bed quite a bit and would "dig" to make his nest. The bedspread was torn and although I washed it several times, I still felt like I was sleeping with a dog. I wanted something masculine and with a simple, minimal design. While my mom was here, we found a great bedspread that also happened to match the love-seat in our room.


And the best part about this new's REVERSIBLE!!! Not only do I like the color and design, I can turn it over and have a new look when I get tired of it. How cool is that? I also love having some of my favorite photos up to look at!

The bedspread was 50% off and it came with king size pillow shams, two throw pillows and these Euro shams. I've been looking for some bigger pillows for our living room and since these match my furniture, they work great! I got rid of all our smaller throw pillows that came with the furniture and I never really liked.

And they are reversible too!

Now I'm off to paint another bathroom....


  1. Isn't is satisfying when a little change makes such a huge difference? I love the colours of the bathroom - it looks so much warmer!

  2. Everything looks great!!!! i love that cute little girl on your new bed spread!!!! She was the best deal:)
    really like the pics of the girls on your wall. take apic of the girls bathrm