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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another Bathroom Re-do

Since painting is not my favorite past-time, I wanted to paint the final room of our new home and be done. I've had this shower curtain since our first home, and in each home we've lived, I have highlighted a different color and painted accordingly. The first bathroom I painted was light blue, next was light pink, then dark blue and finally red. This is the girls' bathroom and I wanted something fun, so this time I chose yellow...



I love the cheerfulness it adds. The red bath mat was left over from my red bathroom. I kept them because I love pulling them out and using them in the month of December! The red framed picture is one that used to hang in the girls' room. I love having an all new look for the price of a can of paint.


  1. What a treat to have a house in such good shape. I love the character of our old house but I am beginning to really dislike all the fix up work it requires. The bathroom looks great. I LOVE yellow!