Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread - Proverbs 30:8

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Music Goals

Once upon a time I played my violin (and taught) all day, every day.

And then I had two daughters of my own. 
And we moved 3 times. (from VT to MN to MI to OR)
And I started homeschooling my daughters. 

I still played a little and taught a little, but basically I was a violinist only because I owned a violin.

2018 was the year that I really started playing the violin again. I challenged myself to practice 100 days in a row and I completed the challenge in December. I loved it so much that I have continued practicing daily and am currently on day 140. 

Last week I issued myself a new challenge that I'm calling the "1-2-3" challenge. Every week I will practice at least 1 hour 1 day (easy), 2 hours another day (harder) and 3 hours yet another day (takes some planning!). It's only been one week, but I have found myself much more excited about practicing - especially on the longer days. And, I'm planning my practice sessions more - both in terms of when I practice and what I practice.

It feels so good to have this renewed passion for playing my violin. I feel like a violinist again!


  1. I just adore your music images!

  2. Beautiful images. I think violins are so photogenic. I almost wish I had one just for photos. Yours are top notch.
    Thanks for linking up at

  3. It's a good feeling to have something where you can put your heart in!
    Gorgeous photos!

  4. Gorgeous photos!! And how wonderful that you've been able to renew your discipline and passion for the violin. I need to do something similar to refresh my skills on the piano. I still play all the time, but I don't *practice*

  5. I was never really a musician even though I took clarinet in school. Then, I married my musician hubby. Still didn't play until he needed a keyboard in his band. That began years long of play out at nightclubs, private clubs, etc. Then our son played drums and coronet in the band from age 8 until 17, and middle son played alto sax. So, I can relate to nothing compares to when you're in the music. We no longer play as age has taken that from him, but he still loves to get together with his sons, and oh the music discussions. He too could practice his sax or guitars for hours, and I even was a mom that didn't mind hearing her son practice drums and get better and better. Love the photos. :)

  6. How awesome that you have revived a passion in your life! I'm happy for you; reading your post shows your excitement! Thanks so much for linking up to My Corner of the World this week!