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Sunday, June 10, 2018

My Garden

Last week I shared some pics and videos of the frogs that live in my garden. Today I thought I'd share some of the beautiful flowers that are also blooming. 

First up are the gorgeous Sweet Williams (dianthus barbatus). These come up every year and continue to spread as they seed themselves. I love watching them unfold. They are fabulous flowers for cutting and adding to arrangements. They last quite a while after cutting them and they add such a beautiful pop of color.

I have several different colors and you can see that the frogs like them too! 

Next up are the daisies....I love trying to capture reflections of the daisies in the water droplets after a good rain or even just after watering. Here are a couple shots I've gotten this past week.

The frogs also love the daisies!

And's fruit season! I don't grow a lot of food in my garden, but I do have a small bed of strawberries and a pretty good crop of raspberries. The strawberries rarely make it inside the house...I tend to pick them and eat them right away!

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  1. Your frogs on daisies photos remind me of those photos of babies dressed as flowers. Your frog photos just have me smiling. Yesterday I was telling a friend how I liked to grow Sweet Williams (when I was a kid) because I loved their names. I think it's time for me to grow them again.

  2. ...Jill, these are fabulous!!! I've never seen such a small frog on a flower before, what a delight. Thanks.

  3. Jill - dianthus are such hardy flowers - a great choice for any garden. But you took my breath away with the reflections in the water droplets. Wow!

  4. Wow! First I love the different perspective that you shoot from. The Dianthus shots were lovely. Oh my gosh those daisy and frog shots are super cute. I love frogs. So many of them, that's pretty cool.