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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Tulip Farm

This week we made our annual trip to the tulip farm. We were very late in going, and only 50% of the field was still blooming. Still, it was absolutely beautiful. I took so many photos that I'll probably be sharing them all week, so be sure to come back. Each year I try to find new ways to capture the beauty of these tulips.

This photo was a total accident, but I like how it turned out. 

I really feel like they emphasized the wrong words here...from a distance all I could see was PICK FLOWERS.

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  1. Oooh, your photos are awesome. The ones through the "globe" are very cool. I'm with you, PICK THE FLOWERS would be going through my head.

  2. Amazing!! Is this the one South of Portland?

  3. Love the ones looking like a flame, and the purple ones. Wonder when they will come out with a blue tulip - as far as I know they haven't developed a blue one yet. Every time we go to Holland I miss the tulip time (April-May) - hopefully some day:):) Your captures are amazing, Jill! Many thanks for All Seasons, and have a beautiful week!

  4. Stunning images, Jill! Sometimes, the 'accidental' shots turn out great! I love tulips but it doesn't get cold enough here for them to come up the second time without digging them each year. :(

  5. Beautiful. Photos with the glass ball are so interesting, waw.