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Monday, April 9, 2018

Outside My Window

These beautiful cherry trees are blooming in the lot next to ours. They are so pretty and they feel like they are mine, even though technically they aren't on our land.

I dug up all my tulip bulbs last summer and replanted them in December. This time I planted them all in the front yard and they look so pretty.

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  1. Wow! But it is your view.
    Just love tulips in different shapes and colors :)

  2. Know what you mean, about the neighbor's tree feeling the cheery blossoms are yours:):) The tulips are beautiful - I don't know if I know the orange-red one! Many thanks for sharing all the flowers with All Seasons! Have a happy week:)

  3. I like the second-to-last picture because it has water drops on it ... terrific capture!

  4. What pretty trees, even if they aren't technically yours!! I love tulips and yours are so colorful and bright.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful photos!
    Thanks for sharing these spectacular springtime shots at