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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Spring Has Sprung

Even though it's still not technically spring on the calendar, the weather and blooms suggest otherwise here in the Pacific Northwest. We traveled to the east coast last week (Boston area) and it's still very much winter there....complete with a snow storm! I was more than happy to return home and see blooms, sunshine and blue skies!

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  1. Here what's coming here tomorrow? Over a foot of snow!! I am OVER it!

    1. I think you should consider relocating.... :)

  2. Ah, love the purple and the pink blooms! You're a great photographer - never making it "too sweet" if you know what I mean - and great to contrast it with the snowy mountain! Thank you from All Seasons -and have a beautiful week!

  3. Gosh ... everyone is posting Spring pictures ... here we won't see any blooms until late April. But that's OK - we had a great day skiing today AND I can enjoy your pictures vicariously!

  4. I know that view! Spring is glorious in the PNW! Can you send spring this way. Pretty Please!

  5. Beautiful photos! I'm so delighted to see spring arriving.
    Thanks for sharing at

  6. Wow! It's so exciting to see the first signs of spring because there aren't any 'take backs'!!! The colors are lovely.

  7. That pink is luscious!! We are a bit behind you and this gives me hope that it WILL come. Hungry for color!