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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Maui Ocean Center

On our first full day in Maui, we had the opportunity to visit the Maui Ocean Center at Ma'alaea Harbor.

Our family has enjoyed visiting several aquariums in the Pacific Nothwest, and we were excited to visit this one as well. The Maui Ocean Center did not disappoint us. It's small, but very well done and it features the sea life of Hawaii. We were thrilled to learn more about the fish and other animals that call the ocean surrounding Hawaii home. Did you know that 25% of Hawaii's fish are endemic to Hawaii? (meaning they are only found in the waters around Hawaii)

Hawaii has many sea turtles and the exhibit at the Maui Ocean Center has several. You can watch from above and get a view similar to what you might see from land looking in the ocean, or you can go below and see the turtles swimming in the water.

We saw several in the ocean while we were walking the beaches, but to be able to see them swimming in tanks was also really cool and a much better photo opportunity!

The Maui Ocean Center also features a Shark Tunnel....something we've only seen at one other aquarium.

What a cool experience to be surrounded by water and fish. I think I could have stayed in this one spot for hours if my family had let me.

Another favorite of mine...the octopus. Sometimes they aren't very active, but this guy was changing color and shape and moving quite a bit for us. They are fascinating creatures.

If you are in Maui, a trip to the Maui Ocean Center is worth your time no matter what your age. I hope we are able to return if we ever find ourselves in Maui again. For more information about this wonderful aquarium, visit their website HERE.

If you missed my first post on Maui, you can find that HERE. And be sure to come back tomorrow - I have more photos to share!

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  1. How awesome! Love all the turtle shots!

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  3. I loved the Maui Ocean Center when I went to Maui last year. Great post. It brings back lots of memories. :)

    With Love,

  4. I find visits to an aquarium to be so relaxing and interesting. Thanks for sharing these shots!

  5. Love your shots! How wonderful that your family could vacation in Maui. I am sure some very special memories were made!
    If we go to Maui, I definitely put this on the bucket list.