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Monday, February 26, 2018

Winter Wonderland

My sister-in-law and niece are visiting from NY and we've had fun showing them around our state and introducing them to some of our favorite places. Oregon seems to have a little bit of everything...rainforests, mountains, coast line, agriculture and high desert.

We took them over the mountain to the high desert where winter hit hard! We woke up to temperatures in the single digits and frost so thick it turned the trees and bushes white.

On our way home we stopped by the beautiful Smith Rock state park, which was lightly dusted in snow.

And now it's back to a regular schedule as we finish out the month. March is going to be a bit crazy for us!

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  1. How gorgeous! Glad they made it in and you had time together!

  2. You frosty details are stunning, Jill! And Rock State park looks like a fairy tale with that touch of snow. When having guests is often good for our photography - widening our horizons:) Don't let March scare you - one day at a time, Blog Friend:) Thank you for linking to All Seasons and have an enjoyable week!

  3. Frost against bluebird skies - can't be beat! My favorite is the pine tree branch - superb! How did we get to March already????

  4. Wow - these are great shots. I am no lover of winter, but I do love your photos!
    Thanks for sharing at