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Sunday, February 4, 2018

February is Here!

As the month of January came to a close, and the month of February began I found myself reflecting on the highlights of the past month and what I was looking forward to in the next month. It seemed very similar to the reflections and planning I do at the end and beginning of a new year, and I realized that each new month can be a mini new year.

I find that I am much more successful and intentional if I have short term goals. This year in particular I am choosing specific areas to set monthly goals in. For example, I choose a new scale and piece to spend the month learning.

I'm also being more intentional with my reading this year. I have a list of specific titles I want to read, and each month I'm choosing several from that list. Inevitably a few books that aren't on my list will find their way into my reading stacks, and I love having a little margin for that to happen. Some of my favorite reads in the past have been books I happened upon accidentally.

Looking ahead into's going to be a month of pretty intense schooling. We do have some visitors coming and we are looking forward to showing them around and having them here. Other than that, it's going to be a regular month - a Tuesday kind of month. (Have you noticed how ordinary Tuesdays can be? In our house, Sundays are the day we worship and rest, Mondays are back to school/work, Tuesdays are ordinary, Wednesdays are youth group, Thursdays are violin teaching days, Fridays are wrapping up the school/work week and Saturdays are weekend days!)

In our little corner of the world, we have signs of spring popping up everywhere! It's common to see blooms in February, but usually it's late February. I saw the first crocus blooming on one of the last days of January this year.

I even saw a dandelion blooming today! Looking at the forecast, it seems the rain is taking a break and some sunshine is headed our way this week. I hope I don't have to start mowing the lawn any time soon.

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  1. I saw poppies on a roadside slope the other day. That to me means the coming of Spring. Your photos are delightful. Those purple flowers are sweet looking.

  2. Beautiful captures of the flowers! Also love the statue of the rabbit, covered by moss:)
    Now my kids are out of the house, if I have a schedule, it revolves around special days for my adult "kids" and the 7 grands. Thank you for letting All Seasons have a look into your life! Have a great week!

  3. I am not in a rush for our winter to be over, but I am glad you are enjoying your signs of spring! I find that I need to break 'big' projects into smaller pieces - somehow it convinces me to get started - if it's too big, I think of reasons not to begin!

  4. Love the capture of the bunny. I love winter and want more snow.

  5. Your images are so colorful and lovely to see! I am one of those 'do it NOW' people, so short term goals work great for me.

  6. Beautiful photos here. I like them all!
    Thanks for joining us at

  7. I had forgotten Febrauary brings with it camillas! I will have to look and see if they grow here in Germany. Nothing much seems to be in blooms here right now. Have a great weekend!