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Monday, July 17, 2017

Girls Hike

We took advantage of great weather and summer schedules and went hiking with friends last week. It was a short hike to one of my favorite waterfalls....short and easy with a fantastic reward at the end (the waterfall). 

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  1. I feel refreshed simply looking at your photos of waterfalls, greenery, coolness. Very cool what you did with your last photo.

  2. So gorgeous! I haven't done a hike in OR in a while!!

  3. Ah, great you could see the waterfall up so close! So refreshing, wet and green, my favorite for a hot summer day! Many thanks for sharing the hike with All Seasons and wishing you a lovely summer week!

  4. Short, easy, and beautiful. My kind of hike. :-)
    Always love your photographs.

  5. You were correct! I was in your town which is my home town. Visiting my brother, we spent almost a week there. Forest Park and Bridges Walk, but no falls.