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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Backyard Visitors

We've had some interesting visitors in our backyard in the past couple weeks...
snakes aren't my favorite, but at least the snakes around here are harmless. 

The ducklings have gotten so comfortable with us...they come right up to us when we go outside and will eat out of our hands!

One day they came to our back door

Another day I spotted a raccoon in our tree. 

I was sitting outside with a friend the other day when a heron flew overhead. I absolutely love how much wildlife I can see from my backyard.

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  1. Totally not into snakes - be safe! Love the raccoon in the tree - hope you don't get an infestation!

  2. Lovely visitors - including the snake!
    Thanks for joining this week's linkup:

  3. At least your snakes are harmless. Is that called a blue racer? PNW memory kicking in...

  4. That snake was such a pretty color. Ducks are so much fun to watch. The raccoon was super cute. We chase them off around here because they eat the cat food we leave out for the neighborhood cats.