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Thursday, May 18, 2017


When we bought this house 7 years ago, the yard was in SAD shape. The landscaping in front was so overgrown and heavy on the evergreen shrubs and trees. The backyard had NOTHING except one tree and an ugly fence. The fence was not ours so we didn't have the freedom to replace or improve it. It belonged to the city and was enclosing the pod / swamp / marsh that our property lies next to. Over the years I added a few plants in an effort to help hide the dilapidated fence. Last year these trumpet vines finally bloomed and this year they were already coming in so nicely.

Until the city officials knocked on my door and told me they were replacing the fence and I would likely lose my plants.

I know they are just plants, but I waited YEARS for them to get to this point. And part of me was excited about the new fence.

The crew decided to do our stretch first and Monday was demolition day. I was quite worried they would scare our duckling family away, but the ducklings hung around and were probably happy with the easier access into our yard in search of food.

No fence...I do wish we could just leave it open.

I would love to have the space as an extension of my yard.

But on Tuesday morning we woke to find the crew putting in the new fence. It IS nicer. It's taller and has a bar across the top for better support. But it's so shiny and noticeable and feels so industrial. I feel so fenced in.

I didn't move my plants, just cut them. Maybe, just maybe, they will survive and thrive. City officials didn't tell me not to grow anything on the new fence and I didn't ask.

I guess the new fence in an improvement overall, but I'm missing the old one.

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  1. Always so sad to see plants have to go!! My synagogue is undergoing a HUGE renovation and the lovely little garden with gorgeous old trees was knocked down. I know the new beautiful space for us to gather will be there but it makes me sad.

  2. Yes, it looks very fency! I think your plants will regrow quickly. Especially now the new fence is more solid. Plant like that. Best of luck, Groetjes Hetty