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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Little Things in March

It's March and I'm building a rainbow again! Each day I post a photo of a particular color over on instagram, and at the end of the month I gather them all in calendar form and I've got a rainbow. Here's a peek at the first week of colors.

I absolutely loved that Lent started on March 1st this have the first day of something start on the first of the Month was oddly satisfying. Not having grown up in a tradition that observed Lent, I have come to love this special time of spiritual preparation.

My composer this month is J. S. Bach and my soul is happy. What a joy to have this beautiful music to listen to and play.

Books, coffee and flowers...the perfect combination

This girl has become quite determined in her music studies lately. She's practicing like crazy and recently learned how to play the bass (much to her father's delight!).

I'm linking up with Little Things Thursday 

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  1. Such pretty colors! How it is already March 9th!