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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Glimpses of Spring

We are still drenched here...when you drive along the Columbia River, it's actually a little scary how high it is. Thankfully we've had a couple dry days and have been able to get outside for walks, runs and bike rides.  Last week I had daffodils on my windowsill and this week I have ranaculas. I'm hoping that this is the week the trees will turn pink with blooms. I looked back on my photos from last year and we are more than a month behind last year's bloom schedule. At any rate, the blooms will definitely be enjoyed when they arrive!

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  1. We've been wet here too! I hop it's all in bloom in 2 weeks when I come out!

  2. I here you on the "wet weather" and the late arrival of spring blooms. I love seeing budding trees in spring.
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  3. My first impression is "less is more!" Beautiful shot! Interestingly, here in North California it is much of the same around my house (maybe because I live at an higher altitude. Now, seldom a day without rain. And the sun does shine on occasion! Have an expectant week!

  4. I forgot to thank you for your lovely share with ALL SEASONS:)

  5. It's exciting to see spring arriving and your photos are perfect captures!