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Sunday, November 20, 2016

My Week of Macro

Earlier this year I was invited to join the team of moderators over at its_my_week on instagram. It's a wonderful honor to be part of that community, and this past week it was my second time hosting. As the moderator and host for a week, I get to choose a theme and then throughout the week I look at the photos tagged to the weekly theme and choose which photos I want to feature. It's fun (and exhausting!). I love looking at the all the photos that are submitted. 

The theme I chose was my week of macro. And here are the photos I took and submitted to the tag during the week.

If you are on instagram, please consider following @its_my_week. Each week a new theme is posted and it's a great community to be part of.

I'm linking up with Good, Random, Fun , Seasons and Life Through the Lens


  1. I am so loving this community! Your shots are always AMAZING!

  2. Your images are always excellent! Thank you so much of sharing with ALL SEASONS!
    Maybe you missed the times I mentioned to please put your thumbnail for SEASONS in a separate post (whenever you moderate for Instagram - otherwise it's considered advertisement - no harm done, but thank you much for your consideration). Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving!

    1. oops...sorry! I didn't mean for it to be an advertisement...just sharing about my week and the reasons for the photos I took. I'll be more careful about linking (or not linking) up next time.

  3. Absolutely wonderful macro shots! Love the spider web!

  4. A week of macro shots, that sounds like something I'd love to do!! Really nice photos.