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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Garden Update

Right now the stunners in the garden are my dahlias and morning glories. I love that morning glories only bloom for a few hours each day....their fleeting appearance makes them a little more special.

I did some rearranging in my garden this past week and it wasn't all successful. Some people like to rearrange their homes, I like to rearrange my garden, but the plants don't necessarily like it. There are several established plants that just aren't doing well this my honeysuckle. It's dry despite regular watering. It almost appears diseased. zucchini and squash plants are absolute jokes this year. I have no idea why they aren't growing.

This plant came up volunteer in my herb garden. I attempted to rip it out last year, but it came back in full force this year. It's pretty and smells nice, but was getting out of control so I moved it. It's not happy.

But if I cut some off and put it in water, it perks up.

and grows roots amazingly fast....

and then does pretty well when replanted outside!

Here are some other plants that are doing well...

I'm hoping the sunflowers start blooming soon!

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  1. The dahlia photo shows just how perfect and lovely these plants are.
    Thanks for sharing at

  2. I cannot get over your green thumb!!
    Hope you'll join in the new Little Things Thursday over at my blog now! Would love to have you!

  3. That little froggie is waiting for the Sunflowers too!!!! I hope my backyard is filled to the brim with all this goodness just like yours some day!

  4. Your garden is beautiful!

    Carol from WA -

  5. I love the red climbers with the mottled green and tan leaves. What are they? Your garden is full of the most beautiful, rich colors.

  6. Beautiful garden - such variety. I tend to move things around too. I guess that is the nature of gardening, the growth. I hope your honeysuckle rebounds. I have never grown it. My climbing clematis was doing SO well but parts of it are dying. Hoping to trim it off and that it will return fine next year.

    1. I ended up cutting most of it down...hopefully it will be able bounce back!